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※ この商品はボード、テーブルキット、ボール、空気入れが付属しているセット商品になります。

LandSup®️ Crazy mini がミニテーブルになりました!
その名も"LandSup®️ Crazy table "。





*こちらはボード含めたセットになりますので、既にボードをお持ちの方は「LandSup®︎ Crazy leg」をご購入ください。

<LandSup®️ Crazy tableのセット内容>
・LandSup®️ Crazy mini(バランスボード)
・LandSup®️ Crazy leg(テーブル脚&蓋)



ボール:アンチバースト仕様 直径20cm/重さ0.1kg /耐荷重90kg/中国製
空気入れ:縦14cm×横10.5cm×高さ11cm /ホース長さ76cm/中国製


*International shipments must pay 8% customs duty

This product is a set that includes a board, table kit, ball and inflator.

LandSup®️ Crazy mini is now a mini table!
The name of this product is "LandSup®️ Crazy Table".
There are two types of leg patterns, Square and X.

Please choose your favorite leg design and add it to the shopping cart.

After using it for daily core training, it turns into a mini table on the spot.
When used as a table, the board can be used on either the front or back.

You can show off the design, or if you use the back side, the top of the board sits flat when the lid is closed.
You can also store it in the bag (sold separately) to carry it around the park or campground.

If you already have a board, please purchase "LandSup®︎ Crazy Leg".

<Set includes>
LandSup®️ Crazy mini (balance board)
LandSup®️ Crazy Leg (table leg and lid)
Pilates Ball

【Table Size】
Length 30cm x Width 60cm x Height 30cm x Width 60cm x Height 60cm x Height 60cm
Length 30cm x Width 60cm x Height 29cm / Weight 2.0kg / Made in Japan

【Board Size】
Length 30cm×Width 60cm×Thickness
Length 30cm x Width 60cm x Thickness 1.5cm / Weight 1.1kg / Made in Japan

Ball: Anti-burst specification, 20cm in diameter / 0.1kg in weight / 90kg load capacity / Made in China
Air Inflator: 14cm (length) X 10.5cm (width) X 11cm (height) / Tube length: 76cm / Made in China
Bag: 68cm x 38cm / Made in China

*The ball must be fully inflated before use.
Please inflate the ball at least 20 cm with the included inflator.
*Accessories subject to change without notice.
*Crew pattern is discontinued. Please note that you cannot specify the pattern.

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¥22,000 tax included